Redpoint Consulting is based in NSW and offers services to clients in Sydney, across Australia and overseas.


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Dr Kuva Jacobs
Instructional Design
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I develop high quality & professional learning materials with a focus on improving the experience of the learner through interactivity, engagement & creative use of multimedia. 

With a strong technical background in mathematics & computer science, I am able to create highly technical training materials right from the analysis phase through to design & delivery. I have also recently started exploring infographic design, which utilises a range of my skills including instructional design, graphic design, digital marketing & statistics.

Jacques Beaudoin
Mechanical Engineer
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I'm a professional mechanical engineer who loves the challenge of highly technical projects- My experience spans from product development from concept design through to testing and production.


Snowmobiles clutches and suspensions 100 000 units a year to a single multi million $ space borne optical instrument, Sydney's Waratah train passenger walkover seat, huge cast steel sprockets and crawler shoes, flame proof exhaust systems for underground mining equipment are just some of the projects I've worked on.