Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing


Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T) is now the standard industry practice and is essential to be competitive in a global market.

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enables the learner to confidently read and interpret drawings with GD&T.


2 DAY ADVANCED empowers the engineering design team to effectively apply GD&T when creating drawings to efficiently convey the design intent and requirements.


Courses are delivered on-site by our passionate GD&T trainer, who not only designed the course but also has years of local and international mechanical engineering experience.

Redpoint Consulting is based in NSW and offers services to clients in Sydney, across Australia and overseas.


We tailor courses to suit your needs, such as manufacturing or quality assurance specific training.


We provide training based on the international standards you use- ISO or ASME.


Can't just walk around the corner to the machine shop anymore and talk with the machinist?


Getting parts which comply  engineering drawing but don't fit?


With the interchangeability of parts required in most designs and procurement of components through multiple suppliers, it is critical to ensure requirements are accurately specified to achieve consistent results.


There is no doubt that traditional methods of dimensioning are no longer adequate. However, many drawings are still littered with incorrect dimensioning methods which do not guarantee the function of the part is achieved.

Why do your Engineers and Technical Staff need GD&T Training?

GD&T is the current internationally recognised method with proven amazing efficiency in conveying requirements in a drawing.


Why are many draftsmen and engineers still not embracing it?



Successful training is the key.

How Can Redpoint Consulting Assist?

Redpoint Consulting are pleased to offer GD&T courses. These courses are developed by an expert mechanical engineer who has not only been trained in GD&T but also applied it extensively across multiple industries in collaboration with a learning development professional with a doctorate in technical training.


Real engineering examples and effective adult learning principles are used in these courses to demonstrate how to implement GD&T.


Hands on problem solving activities are provided to ensure participants can transfer the techniques to their job.


We provide customisation of the courses to your needs by using you own company engineering drawings. Trainees can then apply GD&T on products they are familiar with.

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